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Heroes and Dogpark

November 29, 2007

Well I applied for a couple of finance jobs today. They were offered through the same recruitment office so I should hear back from that office within 48 hours according to their posting. That is about all on the job front so far today.

I took Java to the dog park. Yesterday she was so full of energy and was so eager to chase after the ball I was throwing that it seemed fitting. She had a good time with the other dogs as always and I got a Starbucks afterwards.

Then I watched Heroes. Good stuff. So far this year there has seemed like they were trying too hard to pull the multiple story lines along rather than having stories that you could tell were interwoven. I think this might be the turning point where the stories start converging and it becomes sweetness. Not to give anything away but I had a bad feeling that ending was coming for a while now. Here is hoping that the writers end their strike and the production companies stop being a bunch of greedy idiots and we don’t lose episodes for the next half of the season.

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