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November 29, 2007

Well yesterday was a pretty good day. I found a job opening that would be really great working at the Alliance Defense Fund as a production manager. Sure it would be a drive, but I could end the day knowing that on some small level I contributed to good of all mankind. No seriously, they do a lot of good stuff. I also applied for a media position at a hospital which I guess also does good work or something.

Robert Watson came over around lunch time and we played some rocket race in Halo 3. We actually won one game and came really close on a couple of others, if you have a account and really care, you can sign in and see the games listed under my handle which is bloodymidget.

Then my friend Mike Branton treated me to a movie. We were limited on the time frame and so chose Hitman. It looked like it had some potential but although the main actor pulled off the look of the character from the game, the story lacked continuity. There were no transition scenes. One scene they would be in Moscow and the next in St Petersburg without showing their mode of transport or even bringing it up in dialogue. That led to it seeming rather choppy and despite some really cool action sequences, it just really bothered me. One other thing that bothered me was the titles on the screen showing where they are. I know that this is a normal thing to include on screen and usually it does help, but it is also normally done in a font size that is small, discreet and somewhat classy. Putting size 18 Times New Roman with a giant margin from the side is the exact opposite of all those things so that bothered me as well. So did the insult that they would put Moscow – Russia as though we didn’t know what country Moscow is in or what country London is in, come on seriously. Overall I would give the movie a 5.5 out of 10 and say don’t bother to see it.

All in all it was a good day. The highschool kids came over for small group and we sort of recapped the year and talked about what we want to cover the next couple of weeks and next semester.

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