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O Premium Water

December 1, 2007

At 11:30 I had an interview with O Premium Waters. They specialize in bottled water delivery services of both the bigger 5gallon and smaller sports bottles. Now they are introducing a new product designed to replace the old fashioned water cooler which at least sounds like a really cool idea. Also they are getting into the water softener and reverse osmosis business.

They started these pushes a couple of months ago and are starting to run dry of existing customers to use as leads so have decided to start a telemarketing room. They need someone to build this room from the ground up and be able to support a 15 member sales team.

Here is the hitch. This whole thing came up because one of my friends was having lunch with their head salesman on Thursday and he expressed dissatisfaction with the girl that they were planning on hiring for this new position. Mike mentioned my name and I got the interview yesterday. Unfortunately, they may have already offered the position to the other person which means that even if they like me better, which both of my interviewers including the owner of the company said that they did, everyones hands might be tied.

They said that they would contact me yesterday and make me an offer one way or the other but I didn’t hear anything. So here is hoping that I hear something today, maybe I will call and find something out myself. Keep praying for this one it would be close and a pay increase.

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