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The Raconteurs

April 4, 2008

Ok so I am not as huge a fan of music as my good friend Mark Artrip but I do have a bigger iTunes music library…not that I’m keeping track.
Anyway I am totally addicted to the new Raconteurs album Consolers of the Lonely. You may or may not like Jack White but I think that not only is he awesome but when combined with an actual band that is not Meg his songs are totally sick. Give it a listen if you have not heard it already. Note that the link to the album that i put up is the link to where you can download the songs directly from the bands website. Enjoy.

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  1. April 11, 2008 5:58 pm

    wait a minute, I would like to know how big your itunes library is? and if it is bigger than mine, I would like to know how much of that music you obtained legally. I like to think that I have one of the biggest legal libraries around….all terrible christian music from back in the day….but still:)


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