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Yard Work

April 8, 2008

So there are some good things and bad things about owning a house just like my good friend Mark Artrip is discovering with his recent posts about his to do list. At the top of my to do list for probably the next couple of months is cleaning up and renovating the back yard for really cheap. Those of you who have not seen our house at all can check out those pictures here.

So the inside has gotten most if not all of the loving as far as time and money is concerned and justifiably so since that is where we spend most of our time. But as swimming season approaches we and presumably our friends and associates are going to be spending more time outside and this means that we need to have our act together so that people are not traipsing through wondering what kind of trailer trash leave their yard like this.

So the process has begun to transform it. This album on Facebook shows a combination of three weekends worth of work so far. The first pictures are from when we started and highlight the weed problem that developed almost overnight. Turns out that rocks block pretty much nothing in the way of weeds. The second pictures depict the struggle to take out tree stumps and level out that rise that goes up towards our back fence. So this topic of yard work will probably be one that gets updated frequently if not every weekend. I will do my best to share the things that I learn about planting grass, swimming pools and sprinklers or whatever unforseen issues come up.

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