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First of the Day

April 11, 2008

Ok so first and foremost for today I wanted to show this watch which was featured over at Uncrate and actually looks totally hot. Nothing says Dick Tracy quite like making and receiving calls on your really cool looking watch. Throw in the bluetooth and it really becomes pretty slick. My only problem with it is that the name pretty much sucks like a Hoover. Come up with something better than Watch Phone.

Now you may be wondering why I put a whole screen grab into my own post and that would be a good question. I think that they said everything really well. So you can read what they said without another screengrab from Uncrate.comclick and I can make my life easier by just referencing what they said in the same place. All this to say I may do this more in the future so don’t freak out. Unless of course this is against all blogging rules because I am eliminating a click back for them. I am new to this so if this is un-kosher let me know.

Anywho…this watch not only looks sick but who of you reading that was alive in the 80s didn’t want to be able to make phone calls from their watch? To bad that it took so long to come out and look good because I am kind of at a point in my life where a watch is an unnecessary luxury item. Seth Nash might jump on it but for me I will just be content to know that some dreams really do come true eventually and with no effort on my own part.

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