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Partial Update – Girls should not work in video game stores!

April 14, 2008

So I posted a preview of my day today and one of the things on the list was getting the Rock Band wireless guitar for my 360. I was told on Friday that there were a couple that had been reserved but not picked up and that if I came by on Monday I could get one if they had not been claimed. Sounds good.

I went in there this morning at 10:05. The girl behind the counter was talking to someone (sounded like a BF) and finally asked me “what do you want?” I explained the situation and what I had been told and she went into the back and looked and came out saying that they only had PS3 versions and the 360 version does not come out until Wednesday. I left knowing that I would not get anywhere trying to recount a conversation I had with someone else.

 Incidently this is a screenshot from the Gamestop website that I first came across on Thursday. I didn’t want to wait to ship it so I checked my local store which is what prompted the above situation. If you notice there is a little stock availability next to the item on the page so I called Legacy Village and they are holding one for me.

This is why girls should not work in video game stores. They do not care enough about what they are doing to get accurate information. Not only is the guitar released, it is selling from your website and has already stocked and sold out of a sister store 12 miles away! I really despise incompetence especially when it means that I have to inconvenience my schedule. I should have just had it shipped last week…

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