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April 15, 2008

So I was browsing around and stumbled upon the unofficial apple weblog. At the very top of the page was a little post for an application called GrabUp. The description sounds good enough and so I went to the site and downloaded it.

GrabUp download

What it does is let you do the typical screen grab command (command shift 4 for the uninitiated) and then it automatically uploads the shot to their server and puts the URL for the hosted image on your clipboard. This means that the image above was done with literally one click and two command functions.

For those of you who care about some of the more technical details it is a system preferences pane that resides up in your menu bar if you want it to which means that it also gives you really easy access to past screenshots through its drop down menu.

If you are into screen grabs like I am then this is a killer app that is free give it some love.

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