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Remember Ring

April 15, 2008

Ok so this is something that I have not had the need for yet. However it is impossible to think of Marraige without the stereotypical situation of the man forgetting the anniversary or valentines day or birthday or all of the above.

This is the solution to all of those fears/nights of sleeping on the couch. This is a picture of the Remember Ring which promises to help you remember the date of whatever event you are afraid of forgetting. Personally I think that heating the metal up to 120 degrees for 10 seconds every hour for a day could result in some kind of burns for people with sensitive skin. hey who doesnt have sensative skin under their ring there is never any sun and it always looks white and pasty under there. Anyway also not worth the money because I do not plan on forgetting the important dates in my life but for those of you who are not so confident feel free to check it out.

You can check out the original post from Uncrate Cool Stuff or you can go direct to the manufacturer and get yours today.

Update: Turns out that this product is a concept right now and is not in stock. Maybe if you really want it bad write to them and they will make it for you. Still it is kind of a cool concept if nothing else.

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