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New Object of Desire

April 16, 2008

So I have been looking for a messenger bag for a while now. By a while I mean probably six years or so. I just think that they look cool and I carry a lot of stuff in my pockets so it just makes sense to have a bag. Backpacks are kind of out of the question for a more professional environment so it needed to be something that looks good and functions for all the stuff I carry.

There was one way back in the day from American Eagle that was perfect, looked good and was cheap. I didn’t have a laptop at the time so it would have been a bit frivolous. Incidentally if you clicked on that link, I looked and they do not have messenger bags anymore so that is why it is just the home page.

I have been drooling over some of the different Fossil bags that have come and gone over the years but again without a laptop it has been hard to justify the $150 or so that a good bag costs. Well hold on kids because I found something today that put Fossil entirely out of my mind.

Behold the original postal messenger from JCrew. This is what I have been looking for most of my adult life and finally someone made it just for me. Just read this description and tell me it does not sound amazing.

A handcrafted collector’s item in meticulously finished American leather. J.Crew has faithfully re-created the beautiful, oil-tanned mailbags carried by the US Postal Service from 1868 until the 1970s, when the original leather satchels were replaced by blue nylon bags. Designed to last a lifetime and improve with age, our hand-oiled, hand-stained, hand-burnished postal messengers are sewn by experienced artisans on century-old leather machines. Each piece of leather is carefully selected for quality; each historically correct, heavy copper rivet is set by hand. As a result, each “original” leather postal messenger is a one-of-kind with its own unique character. Buckle-strap closure on flap. Interior back wall patch pocket. 1″ adjustable shoulder strap with leather shoulder protector fully extends to 46″. 

So you are probably saying “Dan why don’t you run down to your local JCrew and pick one of these babies up?” I would respond with “It is eight hundred freaking dollars!” Or maybe put another way “I could have this bag or I could pay my mortgage and go swimming in my pool whenever I feel like it.” This leads to the question “Why does everything so good have to be so expensive?” Is it so that they can say that it was made on a 100 year old leather machine? How much value does that truely add? They probably got those machines out of the trash and fixed them up and now charge this small fortune because it has even more vintage credit.

I am too annoyed to write anymore about this. If you want some laughs about vintage items then read this post.

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