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Lack of Posting

April 18, 2008

So yesterday at about 11:15pm I suddenly realized that I did no posts for Thursday. I felt sad, dissappointed in myself and even though both of you probably did not even notice, I felt like I did a small disservice in not putting up some of the really cool things that I found online yesterday.

It was in all honesty a pretty decent day. I was able to get some major work done on the spreadsheets that I have been working on and so that was nice to be able to wrap up this cumulativemorning for our client meeting this afternoon. I have a shot of it and keep in mind that we used $100k because anything more just gets ridiculous with the number of zeros and we just really look at the percentages and ratios. 

Then I was able to also make some significant progress in some of the more mundane details surrounding our marble and the minutia of how we want our phone system programmed. 

Then I was at church for a media team meeting which was good and also a presentation for a new ministry looking for volunteers. Turns out I already do a ton but they of course need a media/tech team so I will probably end up training their people at the very least anyway. Not that I mind at all. I really actually enjoy it but I think that in this particular instance they will need 30-40 people when it is all said and done and that the 10-15 hours per month are probably about half for the people who are the core of it. That being said good ministry even if the presentation was three times longer than we were told that it was going to be.

More on the goodness that was yesterdays internet coming later this afternoon.


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