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End of the Day

April 19, 2008

I took a nap this afternoon. I stayed up until 1:30 this morning playing Bully: Scholorship Edition on my 360. Sure that still makes me ultra nerdy but I figure you only have so long without kids and you might as well use that time to do whatever you want to.

So I got up and it was all good, I made Erin breakfast, we took Java to the dog park for an hour or so and then we came back and I cleaned out the pool vacuum and then started to get really tired. Maybe it was the lesser amount of sleep. Maybe it was that my alternative was doing yardwork yet again or dishes in the kitchen or laundry. Out of those choices I will choose to catch up on a mid-morning nap any day.

Then Erin left to go and take pictures of a wedding, and I stayed home for a couple more hours and played Bully until I left for church and ran media for the church service. It was a really good service and the lamb that we brought in as the visual aid pooped three times which was awesome…so yeah I didn’t think that it would get any better but then the guys trounced the girls in Trivia Pursuit at Mike & Cindy’s house after church so it did get better. I was able to actually use some of that extra homeschooled knowledge and answered a majority of questions for my team. It can be satisfying to know that every once in a while all that useless stuff is still there for me to draw on at a moments notice.

Final thought is that because we got home after 11 I had to stand up Jesse Felix on our Halo 3 appointment. We were going to get together and play the new legendary maps but it would not have been fair to my wife to let her go to bed by herself two nights in a row due to video games. I am white and nerdy but do have a heart.

I think that I am beginning to ramble or at least have nothing else to say. Good night. Although this brings me to something about wordpress that really bugs me. Even though I set the time in my settings for this blog, it still changes my day stats in the middle of the day, and this post will probably be listed as on the 20th even though I am most certainly posting at the end of the 19th. May not seem like a big deal but it would seem like a simple thing to keep it as local time for my own blog. Crap now I am getting mad and less tired…hmmm…boring stuff…Windows Vista and all of its amazing features…

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