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Realistic Nintendo Characters

April 29, 2008

Ok so I have been sketchy lately about posting here. I used to be on a two or three a day pace but have gotten much busier at work leaving less down time for even short posts here and there. I write this morning to those of you who grew up playing (or still play) the Mario franchise games. I came across an interesting project from some genius photoshopper who made a photorealistic Mario face.

Realistic Mario

I took the larger picture just so that you could be immersed in the total creepiness of what Mario would look like. Not only would you not want to be him or hang out with him, but you would probably steer your kids away from anyone with a molestache that prominent.

Of course there is no point of having Mario if he does not have a nemesis. We all know Bowser but I never thought that I would end up liking Bowser better than Mario. The rendering of him is below.

Realistic Bowser

So here is my final thought on this. Nintendo, shame on you for duping entire generations of kids into playing with a creepy plumber. I used to be proud that Mario was Italian but not anymore. Mario for heavens sake shave that creep ‘stache dude. Bowser you rock. I would say go ahead and eat Mario, in fact it almost makes me want to bust out my Nintendo and get to the final fight and just stand there. It would mean one less creepy weirdo wandering the virtual streets of video game lore.


Gaming Today: Realistic Bowser

Gaming Today: Realistic Mario

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  1. April 30, 2008 8:21 am

    I think I saw that mario at the mall the other day……that is one ugly dude.
    ever feel like we are just posting for each other pretty much and no one else reads our stuff:)

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