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Sweet water gun

May 2, 2008

super-soaker-bottle-shot.jpgSo I saw this in a post over at Uncrate and I had to post it up. I think this is one of the more brilliant ideas that has come out of the water gun industry since I can remember. 

The concept is that instead of the proprietary water tanks or whatever holds the water in guns these days you can just screw on a two liter bottle and away you go. This makes an abunance of sense on so many levels besides just the durablity (ever tried to break a two liter bottle?) Also you don’t really have to pay for extra accessories now because who doesn’t have two liter bottles laying around? The kicker is that this thing is $8. I almost want kids just so that I can have water fights with them with this thing.


Uncrate: Cool Stuff

Super Soaker Bottle Shot


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