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June 10, 2008

If you know what those initials mean then you probably do not need to read any further in this post. I watched Steve Jobs Keynote address yesterday as it was happening on and I have to say that I am excited for all the stuff that will be changed a month from now.

iPhoneI think that the changes to the .mac/ service are overdue and it will be great to have that kind of functionality no matter which platform I am on. As the person who is in charge of creating workflows for our smaller size organization this new service could be a super affordable option for sharing contacts and calendars across the country without having to manage an exchange server of our own. Exciting.

Then of course there is the iPhone. What else do you need in life? Well I could use one to begin with, if you happen to have any extra money that you want to send my way I will use it for that I promise. Anyway on the fly highlights of baseball games during the game? A possibly viable gaming platform without them even having to enter the “video game industry”? That all sounds like a winner to me. I just need it to not be on ATT. The two people out here that we know who have AT&T are always cutting in and out on their phones. Even though those coverage maps clearly show Gilbert as having 3G coverage, I am still a bit leary. Also I don’t have $300 for a phone, unless my boss were going to pay for it.

So did I add anything to the overall reaction to the Keynote address? Probably not. Am I really excited about pretty much every announcement including the tantalizing possibilities of Snow Leopard? Yes. I will have more posts later today, but I had to say something about this.

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