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A New Hat: I am a Dirty Italian

June 30, 2008

So this is going to be a quick but necessary post. Erin and I just got back (ok really late Friday, but we slept for the last two days) from Hume Lake San Diego summer camp. Briefly, it was a great experience again (this is my third year as a counselor/leader) there were 4 or 5 first time decisions out of our 71 kids and probably a dozen or so rededications which were really monumental for the kids making them. So a good but exhausting week.

Chillin' on the couchA completely selfish and self-centered hightlight for me is that I got a new hat. Sure I will still wear a baseball style hat with either a Yankees or Miami Hurricanes logo on it, but this hat is going to become a staple of my wardrobe. There is this crazy hat store at Seaport Village in San Diego and that is where I got it. We took all kinds of pictures with the kids trying on all kinds of different stuff and although I normally do not buy frivilous things like cool hats, at least six people told me that I had to buy it so who am I to not give in to that kind of demand? Enjoy the picture.

For the record, I do still have the skanky yankee hat for those of you who know what that is, but it is old and delicate and only makes special appearances.

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