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new way to post

July 21, 2008

So I am back from Jamaica and I have not posted about it. Pretty much it is because of a variety of things:

  1. I am still tired from the trip since I went right back to work and then have been scheduled for things since then.
  2. I suck at posting
  3. I have a bunch of pictures and video waiting to be gone through that I would like to incorporate into this post so that it can be something besides just a bunch of text
  4. I have been distracted from fully posting here because I found a new way to post to a whole bunch of places and track a whole bunch of places at once.

On that last note, the site to track everything about me is at I think that this is a sweet tool for those of us who have profiles in a bunch of different places. Head on over there and join. It is entirely free, and you may realize that you are a member of more things that you realize. It is also a way to share different aspects of your life automatically ie your Blockbuster or Netflicks rental que, digg, tumblr etc. can be added and it all forms one giant running stream of what you are all about.

Go on over and check it out and if nothing else check up on me over there since it will be way more detailed about what I am doing that I could ever be.

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