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July 21, 2008

You may or may not have read that last post that briefly mentioned a website called Swurl. If you have not check it out here or simply click on this link and you will get the hang of it. 

Something else that I would like to highlight that makes Swurl even cooler and simplifies my own life is a site called switchAbit. Basically it allows you to enter the login information for Twitter, Tumblr, facebook, WordPress, Blogger and a bunch of others into different configurations called switches. This is why there were several posts over the last week or so that were just a post title. I posted those from my Twitter client on my dashboard.

I really like the idea of this because I think that it is useful to have a presence in a bunch of different places but I do not like keeping them all up to date. So I now have my switch set to take any posts from twitter or wordpress and put them on Facebook, Blogger or Tumblr. Handy for me, useful for those of you who actually read anything about me.

When combined with Swurl, socializing and keeping track of friends running around in Web 2.0 is way easier. Let me know what you think of Swurl and I just might make that page my new destination for

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