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Ten things only men can do

August 7, 2008

I was bumping around on the internet and found a great list of the 10 things only men can do. There were the obvious ones like pee standing up and go topless whenever it suits, but one of my favorites is as follows:

No.5 – Play real sports
Be honest; which of these would you prefer to watch: WNBA or NBA? NHL or women’s hockey? NFL or women’s rugby? MLB or softball? We understand that women play plenty of sports and, yes, they are good athletes, but their sports are a snoozefest to watch. An example, in the WNBA a slam dunk stops the presses, while in the NBA, unless it’s a back reverse through three defenders, it’s just another two points.

Personally, I also thought that the number one choice and the honorable mention for number one were hilarious as well, but go and click on the link and read for yourself. The whole list can be found here if you like. Also check out some of the other great lists that has compiled.

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