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The New Microsoft Ads

September 23, 2008

As an Apple fan boy it is my duty to make sure that i keep tabs on everything that Microsoft and Apple do in their advertising. I absolutely hated the ads recently that had Seinfeld and Bill Gates being retarted in a shoe store. The new ads are somewhat better although if they are meant to counter Apple ads then I think that they missed their mark.

Sure you can argue success for the campaign simply because so many people are talking about it but here is my round up.

The Apple ads are successful because they are specific and point out flaws or stereotypes (for those of you still part of the dark side) with the competing product and then point out how the Apple product does it better. Easy to understand and has a purpose, ie our product is better than theirs.

The Microsoft ads really are just saying, all kinds of people use our Windows product, certainly a billion people cannot be wrong. Really? That is the best offense that you can muster up? Choose ours because lots of other people do? I think that is lame.

This is the ad that I think MS should have run. It might be a little more accurate…

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