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October 6, 2008

So this past weekend was really full. And I had an exhausting week of work before that. I am tired. But, I will say that I am really excited about what is happening at our church high school ministry.

As part of a brainstorming session on how we could involve students more effectively, I put forth the idea of a student council type of group where there would be one representative from each small group that would meet with us adult leaders and talk about direction, we could get feedback, make sure they are getting plugged in and overall get a better more accurate feel of what the students are thinking about different aspects of the ministry. Now I will say that the boys I disciple were none to keen on being part of something called Student Council because it is so stereotypical and sound snooty. So I pulled ‘Quorum’ out of my but and it seems like that is what we are going with. Yes, I know that the overachievers out there learned that it means the number needed to complete a transaction, but if you read the second definition then it says “a particularly chosen group” which I think is appropriate and besides, Q is such a versitile letter when it comes to designing things.

Anyway, yesterday we had our first combined meeting. It went so well. It is so refreshing to work with a group where everyone has a desire to be involved at that next level and just want to know where to pitch in. We had them take a home made survey about our high school service, and it was very informative. Robert was able to take some time to pitch to them the entire process of going through high school ministry from a more macro level and it was really cool to see them get excited about how what they were doing was going go be an integral part of the future of the ministry.

Now I am back to regular life. I would show you what I am working on but it is all social security numbers, account numbers and account balances, kind of the stuff that your company gets shut down for showing.

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