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What to do Today

February 14, 2009

So the last two days while I have been working I have been doing some major defragmenting of my various hard drives. It was pretty bad especially on my main internal laptop drive. Now I know some of you out there may say “I don’t need to defragment a drive because I have a Mac.” well that may feel true because you don’t need to do it as much, it is still something that should be done. I looked and looked and finally came across a great software called iDefrag. It worked great and was very thorough. There are several different options as far as its defragmenting algorithm so give it a shot and try out their demo.
But really, I have a variety of things that are on my list today. I need to spray our weeds at least in the front yard, return some movies to Blockbuster, price out a replacement section of hose for our pool vacuum, apply another coat of stain on the dresser that I am refinishing for the nursery, and direct the weekend service at church.
Of those three really the last one is the only one I want to do but such is life and responsibility, especially when your wife is pregnant and cannot do anything that has smells. Maybe I will post later and give an update on how everything went.

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