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February 17, 2009

No this is not a post about the Beatles song, although I have been learning some interesting Beatles stuff since I have been working on my giant music project that I will describe when it is done.

Yesterday Erin and I had the day off and we worked on house stuff. Now that might not sound so bad, but I put on two coats of stain on the dresser and the desk that I am refinishing. The dresser is turning out pretty good, I will have some before and after pictures so that you all can see the results.

Now normally, I just like to do one project at a time and then use the down time to play some video games or something. Well not yesterday. We have a new computer on the way, courtesy of a swapping deal with Nate & Erica so in an effort to make room for the G5 I tore apart my office (which is actually now shared with Erin) to rewire everything from the ground up and to reorganize papers. So far so good. I think it has turned out pretty well but it is a work in progress. I have only maxed out one of my four power strips…

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