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March 3, 2009

I have been working on a giant music project partly for myself and partly for a good friend of mine. There have been countless hours getting correct album art and lyrics and ordering things correctly.
iTunes install
Saturday afternoon I thought that it was all gone. When I went to open my library to listen to some music, it would have the little progress bar saying checking library, then the correct menu bar on top would show up but the window of the application would never come up. All of the options in the actual menus were grayed out and I had no choice but to start a new library and try and import the library data that i could. It brought in some of the play lists, but none of the ratings or play counts and since I have a whole bunch of smart lists dependent on those things I still feel like I lost a lot. The last thing that you want to have to see on your screen if you have a decent music and video library is a screen that looks like this.
The good news is that I do have all of the data back and in the case of my giant project, it is forcing me to go back and fix some mistakes and make everything a bit more comprehensive and consistent. Just as a reminder to you all there is a backup option for your library in iTunes and there is also a way to export your library data which is what I should have done on a more regular basis. So bittersweet. I have all my stuff but not all the data.

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