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New Theme Maybe

August 19, 2009

So this is not in the list of updates that I said I was going to write. I was reading Mark Artrip’s blog and really like how he restyled the look. Very nice. That of course inspired me to take a look at the different themes available and see if there were any that jumped out at me.

Of course now that I picked a new one, I realize that I totally copied his theme. So right now I am not sure if I can keep it which would really be a shame, the side column and different sections look so much more clean and neat than my last theme. Maybe if I come up with a header that is in a different enough style then it will not be so obvious. In the mean time feel free to weigh in on this important issue. Until I decide I am going to leave my blog lame and headerless.

If you don’t have a wordpress account to leave comments, go ahead and send a tweet to @danieldezago or leave a message on Facebook, it all goes to the same place.

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